birds that love
Image of birds that love
birds that love
Sold Out — $165.00

Tattoo flash design ‘birds that love’

*This design deposit is non refundable.*
Please read carefully all the way through before purchasing.

Nadika studio days are Monday, Tuesdays only and occasionally Thursdays.

There is availability to book the appointment on the following dates:
November ~ Tuesday 12th (morning only), Thursday 14th, Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th.
December ~ Tuesday 3rd, Thursday 5th, Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th.

If you won’t be able to make yourself available on the mentioned dates please do not buy this tattoo design as I won’t have other times available to fit you in.

This is a deposit that will come out of the tattoo total which is paid on the day of your booking.

Nadika tattoo rates is $170 per hour.

Designs can be made bigger but not smaller due to their intricate nature.

*After purchase please send through an email to book in your appointment for this design. Please include your full name, availability accordingly and your contact number.*

Deposit is $150 + 10% tax = $165
*Remainder of tattoo cost to be paid on the day of appointment determined by duration of session.

birds that love