Flash #16 ~ eriostemon brevifolius
Image of Flash #16 ~ eriostemon brevifolius
Image of Flash #16 ~ eriostemon brevifolius
Flash #16 ~ eriostemon brevifolius
Sold Out — $100.00

Tattoo flash design deposit
*This design deposit is non refundable.*
Please read carefully all the way through before purchasing.

This design will be a permanent marking, please be sure that this it resonates with you before purchasing, there will be more flash designs to come.

<> I prefer not to modify the original flash designs as they are, however some additions or expansions of the designs can be achieved to suit particular body areas.

This flash design will be available once.

Tattoo days ~ MAINLY Saturdays & Occasional Fridays.
@ studio Matahari in the Adelaide hills.
Taking bookings for:
January / February / March
Appointment times are usually 10:00am or 1~2pm.

If you are unable to make yourself available on the mentioned days/dates please do not buy this tattoo design deposit as I won’t have other days available to fit you in.

The pre-paid deposit will be applied to your total, which you will pay on the day of your booking.

Nadika tattoo rate is $170 per hour.
Small/medium designs can range between - 1-2.5 hours.
Larger, more intricate detail - 3-6 hours
Please ask for a rough quote if necessary.

Generally, designs can be made bigger but not smaller due to their intricate nature. Feel free to ask for the dimensions to help figure out your placement.
(Original drawn on A4 to gauge scale)

It is in your hands to book this tattoo in.
If I don’t hear from you within 6 months, the deposit will expire.
**After purchase please send through an email to book in your appointment. Please include your full name, contact number, your availability and placement ideas.**

*Remainder of tattoo cost to be paid on the day of appointment determined by duration of session.*

This design may be used in future artworks of mine.

Feel free to email or dm Nadia with any further questions or concerns.

Thank you :-)

Flash #16 ~ eriostemon brevifolius